Is there fraud in your supply chain?  If so, how would you know?
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Since January 1996
Trouble-Free Does Not Mean

Every point in your supply chain is running smoothly, or so you think.  Purchase orders for raw materials are being placed on time, there are no stock-outs, your suppliers are happy with timely invoice payments, transportation and logistics costs are acceptable, finished goods seem to be manufactured on time and without quality defects, sales order keep coming in.....
Really, so what is there to worry about?
But did you know that a trouble-free supply chain can be an indicator of cover-ups by participants (both inside and outside your company) who don't want to get caught in the act of fraud?
Perpetrators of fraud don't want to make the evidence obvious!  They know that when they do, people will start investigating.
The repercussions of supply chain fraud can be severe, and for public companies who must comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, good governance of supply chain operations is an absolute requirement.  For more information on how SOX applies to the supply chain, see
Fighting fraud requires integrity in all aspects of supply chain operations: people, computer programs, and processes.
If you suspect fraud in your supply chain but don't know where it is or how it is happening, please contact us right away before a bad problem becomes worse. 

Supply chain frauds may be well-hidden by the perpetrators responsible.

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