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Supply Chain FraudSupply Chain FraudSupply Chain FraudSupply Chain Fraud

Detecting, reducing, analyzing.




We will review your documents, data, business operations, and software systems in our analysis of your overall processes.  We are looking for patterns - or lack thereof - gaps in internal controls, and situations that seem characteristic of the elements of illicit behavior in order to help detect and reduce supply chain fraud. 


We will make recommendations for improvements based on the findings that we will document, provide to you, and review with you, and explain to you.  Our recommendations will cover areas such as personnel, business processes, and software systems to help detect and reduce supply chain fraud.


We are experts in business operations improvement and business software.  We can help you implement many of the recommendations we make.  However, you don't have to use our services to implement any of our recommendations.  Our discovery process is separate and distinct from our consulting in overall detecting and reducing supply chain fraud.